Hi Coaches,

Some new important announcements and some reminders... The link is now available to pre order T Shirts and sweatshirts. Please pass this on to your parents and swimmers as soon as possible. We will only have limited sale of merchandise at the meet on Friday and Saturday so pre order is the best option. The link is www.northerntribeny.com.

If anyone has any questions about the merchandise they can get back to me. It is strongly suggested that any orders include their team affiliation with checkout if it is not clear on the information. We really appreciate your help in distributing this to your families as quickly as possible.

The link for pre order of admission tickets and journals should be live tomorrow or Wednesday. I will make sure you get it and it will also be available on the State web site. You still have a few more days to get your team ads in for the Journal. We appreciate your support and are investing that ad money back into the meet. Hopefully towards something your swimmers will appreciate and remember.

Your meet entries are due one week from tomorrow, 2/27/19. Remember to send them to BOTH finkfly33@aol.com and kristilas@hotmail.com.

If you have a meet the first weekend of March where new swimmers or events could qualify, please indicate that on your entry e mail.

Please make sure any non-uss swimmers do not have a uss registration number.

Make sure you check off include proof of time when you print out a copy of your entry.

Include relay names. You can make any name changes you need to at the meet. Relay names will not be printed on the heat sheets. "B" open relays are permissible for the open/mixed relays. If there are less than 16 relays in age group events we will look to fill those openings with non scoring, non moving up and only for time and awards "B" relays too. The additions to age group relays if available will be decided at the meet so don't enter any of those in advance.

I am still missing items from Bethlehem and Yonkers (senior sheet and coach's reception sheet if they are attending) if anyone has a way to contact them for me.

Lastly for tonight, the following teams have fallen off the East Field approved teams list - Bedford, Fulton County, Yonkers. I think this means that none of your registered coaches (if in fact you registered any of them) have all current certs and they have been sent to Kaeley.

The following have been listed as coming to States but they are not currently registered to be on the pool deck.
Bedford - Erwin Samuels, Ashley Hackett, Kevaughn Mark
Fulton County - Kevin Capobianco, Eric Dillenback
Yonkers ???
Kenton - Brian Cutroneo
Jessica Cook - Glenville
Yean Jimenez - West Side
Yarni Guerrero - McBurney
Scott Alexander - Rye
Steve Miller - New Rochelle
Sydney Jolly - Kingston
Eddie Krische - CIY
Johnny Mora - Huntington
Quentin Wang - Huntington

Regards, Kelly, Dan and Richie