State Meet Preparation!

Last update: 01/19/19

Weather Notice: WNY Goodwill Meet Cancelled. Out of an abundance of caution the meet has been cancelled for Sunday, January 20th.

State Meet Preparation. There have been several forms including a checkllist that have been e-mailed out to all the coaches.  If you did not receive, please let the Meet Director know ASAP! Copies of all the forms have been added to the STATE MEET page. 

UPDATED 2019 State Meet Packet: There was an error on the Meet Declaration Form that has been corrected on the current release of the Meet Announcement.

2019 State Championship Meet: In addition to the Meet Announcement, the Scholar-Athlete Scholarship Application form and volunteer meet official form have been posted on the STATE MEET page.

Invitational Update: Just added the 2019 Annual Goodwill Invitational Meet and 2019 Jamestown Snowed In-vitational to the Let's MEET page.

Is Y Competitive Swimming the Best?  Here is a link to a recent article in Swimming World about Y Competitive Swimming.  Love to get your comments/thoughts/concerns.  It's Fun to Swim at the YMCA

2018-19 YMCA Swimming - Coach & Team Information Sheet - Follow this LINK to the welcome letter from Kaeley Steinnagel.  You should have received by e-mail.  If not, you are not registered or there is a mix-up with e-mail addresses.  IMPORTANT:  Y National has instituted a fine for late registration of coaches!!!! Be sure you read the sheet!

2019 Y Nat Meet information has been updated. LINK

Thoughts and Prayers.  Long time Huntington coach Charlie McEntee passed away last week after battling a number of health challenges.  Charlie was a dedicated swim coach admired by all and remembered for his "hoot" cheering on deck to his swimmers.  Here's a note from Head Coach Dan Kelly,

"Just wanted to let you know, and you can pass the message along to whomever or however you see fit that Coach Charlie passed away last week. He was a great coach and his presence on the pool deck will be missed. His lifetime award was on full display at the services and many wonderful Coach Charlie stories were shared. He will forever be a Bluefish and his legacy will live on long after he is gone."

Tech Suits.  Where do you stand?  Many USA-S LSC's have established age-based guidelines for the expensive competition swim suits and USA-S probably will be adding a tech suit rule in the 2018 rules.  Recently, CBS This Morning had a piece on the topic that was shot, in part at the pool we use when the State Meet is in NYC.  Here is a YouTube link to the piece. https://youtu.be/RrENQRR5J4A



2019 State Meet Announcement. Announcement

2019 State Meet Qualification Times.  2019 NYS Y State Meet QT. (REVISED 07/06/18)

2019 State Meet Rules.  State Meet Rules.

A little help from my friends.  We are in the process of updating the Participating Y's page.  Please let me know if there are any changes needed for your Y.  Also, Please let me know your zip code.  Need to help folks out with locating the "nearest" Y.

Rules,rules rules.  There always seems to be questions about the rules we use for officiating.  Beginning in 2006, Y Competitive Swimming began following USA Swimming Technical Rules (blue section) for officiating our meets.  The rules apply from dual meets, through National Championship meets.  Here is a link to the 2018 rulebook in PDF format: 2018 USA-S Rulebook.  Of course, there are a number of other rules that we follow, including Fair Play: The Rules That Govern YMCA Competitive Sports and the Swimming Addendum to the Rules That Govern YMCA Competitive Sports.

There are several changes again for the 2019 State Meet that you need to be aware of!

  1. We have added an Open 400 Medley Relay event to the meet on a trial basis. It will be swum at the end of Session 2.
  2. The OPEN 200 FL has been moved to the end of Session 1 following the 500 FR, along with the OPEN Mixed 200MR formerly at the end of Session 2.
  3. The Meet Announcement follows a standardized format that has been developed by Y National and applies to all championship and invitational meets that are sanctioned!
  4. The due date for team roster submittal is December 15th.
  5. Team rosters must be e-mailed to the meet director and the State Commissioner.
  6. Typed rosters are no longer required. Trying to get as close to electronic submittal as possible!
  7. Check back frequently for updates.
  8. The events file is also available on the STATE MEET page.

    Y National Registration portal for coaches and teams: REGISTRATION. Due no later than December 1stNOTE: A fine policy has been established effective immediately for late registration of coaches!!!

    2018-19 Registration Information Sheet for Coaches and Teams. LINK



    • TEAM & COACH REGISTRATION: The Y National website is now hosted by Team Unify.  The website will guide you through the registration process.  Coaches can register and update credentials via the new website. Here is a useful information document about registration and the resources available through the Northeast Region. INFORMATION.
    • NEW Y REGIONAL WEBSITE: This is a website for the Northeast Region of Y Competitive Swimming.  Has good information and links.
    • ABOUT US:  This section states the purpose and goals of the State Committee and gives a listing of the committees members
    • WHAT'S NEW:  New rule interpretation regarding the freestyle leg of the Medley Relay and Individual Medley events. More details on the What's New page.
    • Y STATES:  Information on the 2019 State Championship Meet, Nassau County Aquatic Center, Flushing NY - March 15-17.
    • STATE MEET RECORDS:  The State Meet Records can be viewed and downloaded here. (Updated 03/25/18)
    • STATE MEET SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES:  An overview of the competition and meeting dates and deadlines can be found here.
    • Let's MEET:  Invitational Meets in our region, and more!
    • PRINCIPLES COURSE: Follow this link for instructions on how to sign-up for the Principles Course.  The course is only offered on-line, is mandatory for all coaches, but you only need to take it once in a lifetime!
    • DOWNLOADS: To download Results, Event Files or some Forms
    • Y NATIONALS: Information and qualifying time links can be found here.  Results from Greensboro!
    • QUESTIONS: Many questions are asked so frequently, some so simple parents and swimmers don't want to be embarrassed by asking the coach etc. Here is a place where some questions will be answered and you can E-mail your questions.
    • PARTICIPATING Y's: A list of Y's in the state and some information on their programs
    • OFFICIAL Y STATE RULES: A complete set of our state meet rules is included in this section. It is intended primarily for coaches and administrators. The updated rules, including important changes and qualification times is attached.
    • GUIDE & TIME TABLE:  For coaches, swimmers and parents this is a guide as to what to do & when.
    • REAL TIME RESULTS:  of this year's meet as it progresses!
    • MONTHLY COMMISSIONER'S MEETINGS: This page will provide access to the meeting minutes from the monthly commissioner's meetings.

      If you have any questions or suggestions please E-mail us at NYS Y Commissioner